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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

November favorites

I know I'm probably a bit know as we are getting deeper and deeper into December but its better late than never. I've never done a favorites before but I love watching favorite videos and finding out new things to try, so here I go.

My first favorite is a book, as I am a massive book worm and I love getting lost into a book and just escaping the world for a while and this book is Life Enternal by Veronica Wood, its the sequel to Dead Beautiful and its such a page turner, but if you are anything like me then you would have to start reading from the first book in the series as I can't stand reading a random book in a series without reading the ones before it, I won't give much away but its about a girl who falls in love with this boy who is undead and in the second book, Life Enternal they try to find a secret that will give them life imortally. But you'll have to read it to find out more.

My next favorite is gingerbread lattes from Costa Coffee, which suprised me as I don't like gingerbread but I really love these and they taste just like winter, but I can only have a small one as even after that I start to feel a bit sick, but they are a nice winter treat for now and then or all the time!

My third favorite is Taylor Swifts new album 1989, even though its been a favorite of mine since it came out, being a swiftie myself I was counting down the days for it being released and I have to say Taylor never disapoints, being use to her country albums its was a adjustment to get use to her new pop album but Taylor does it flawlessly, and as for her Blank Space music video, that might be one of my all time favorite music video she has ever done.

My fourth favorite is of course Mockingjay part one, I have been a fan of the series since the first Hunger Games film came out and after watching it at the cinema and found out it was a book series I had to read the books and I was not disappointed, with the Catching Fire film blowing the first Hunger Games film (which I still dearly love) out of the water, I was super excited to see how Mockingjay part one would turn out and it was amazing, especially as I was a bit skeptical as in the Mockingjay book the first part doesn't have as much action in it as the second half I thought that they did really well and I'm so excited for part 2 even though it will be bitter sweet when it all ends.

And thats all my November favorites, make sure to comment below all your favourites for whatever month you are reading this in, and I will see you in my next post.

Byeeeeee ❤

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