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Hi, my name is Freya, this is me...

and as you've might have guessed, I'm just an average teen. even though we aren't all average or ordinary, we are all different, but let's not get too deep, we'll save that for later! haha, anyway, here are the things that make me different and that make me, well me...

One thing you should all know, is that I am currently 18 and I am a student, studying Creative Media Productions. 
I live in a small village in England, which is quiet and you could say sleepy, but I like it, even not much happens I like it that way. 

I love Taylor Swift, I've been a fan for almost 7 years, which is crazy! it all started when I heard Love Story on the radio and I was hooked!
I'm also a massive fan of The Hunger Games, book and film series, as well as just being a fan of books, I could read all day! haha.

I love make-up and doing my make-up, even though I might not be the best at it, even though I should be by the amount of 'beauty gurus' that I'm subscribed to. 

I also really enjoy watching youtube, there are too many youtubers to list that I like, but I would love to know who you are all subscribed to though. 

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