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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Paper Towns - Book Review

I've recently just finished Paper Towns by John Green. The only other John Green book that I have previously read is The Fault In Our Stars, which I read just before the movie came out and instantly fell in love, but it did take me a while to pick up another.

My friend recommended that I read Paper Towns next as that is going to be the next movie made from his books so I did and I loved it, just as I loved The Fault In Our Stars. Even though it wasn't as emotional as The Fault In Our Stars I still had the same character connection and emotion there, it might just be me but I get very attached to book characters, even if its a book I like and not necessary love I still fall in love with the characters.

 I loved the mystery factor to Paper Towns, finding out where Margo went and trying to figure out the clues myself, I'm not going to give anything away for anyone who hasn't read it, but for me I have a love hate relationship with the ending, I hate abrupt endings where we don't find out what happens next as I always want to know and I get so involved with the characters that I want to see what their future is like, but then again, I love the mystery of the ending and being able to make my own ending and as the book has a whole mystery feel, I think that the ending fits the book very well.

One of my favourite parts of the book is the roadtrip they take to find Margo, I love the part that it's broken into hours and you really get a good insight into what the characters are really like and during that part I really started to love the character Lacey, whom at the beginning of the book or where she was first introduced I didn't really warm to her, but I think that it was one of John Greens aims for that to happen, as you find out the real Lacey, just like how Q finds out the real Margo.

Overall I love this book and I'm sure that I will read it again, and I will defiantly be watching the movie that's for sure.

Let me know what you thought of Paper Towns if you have read it and what other books I should read next (they don't have the be John Green, the bigger range of authors the better!)

Thanks for reading

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